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KK Fresh Produce Ltd. helps you to acquire and enhance the requisite skills and knowledge to grow horticulture produce for export. We offer training on how to export, marketing and planning, pricing, standards and market access requirements and more.
Facilitating the development, diversification, promotion and coordination of all export related activities that lead to export growth on sustainable basis.

High Opportunity Export

KK Fresh Produce Exporters Ltd offers a high value proposition for all exporters in food stuffs and fresh fruits which include;
agricultural and agro-processed products, vegetables,
cereals and grains, okra, bullet chillies, hot pepper, chillies, egg plant, ground nuts, Matooke, maize, yam, apple bananas, gunda, passion fruits, sugarcane, raw mangoes, sweet potatoes, Karella, avocado and beans
KK Fresh Produce offers:

To provide the best agricultural solutions to the farming community in Uganda specifically and East Africa in general, and establish a reliable and dependable organizational platform for all needs in the agricultural industry. Our organization is indeed committed to enhancing productivity through the adoption of global cutting-edge agricultural trends such as micro-irrigation.
Through the extensive expertise at our disposal, we have developed farmer kits for quarter an acre, 1 acre and above. For quarter acre, we lay out the low pressure micro irrigation systems, where farmers can irrigate their crops without any power (electricity) or Generator requirements.

For an acre and above, we have developed high pressure micro-irrigation systems, with minimum usage of valuable water while doubling productivity. We use international quality irrigation equipment which ensures extended performance with minimum maintenance. Our team of national and international engineers ensures excellent and timely support whenever required. Our services-store is well stocked with a full range of spare parts. This ensures quick availability of all necessary spare parts for the farmers.

Besides providing micro irrigation inputs, we also undertake installation on the fields and implement the projects with all necessary training provided by our technical engineers. We look forward to sharing our extensive research experience with Ugandan scientists and institutes towards the development of better, high yielding drought resistant, pest and disease resistant varieties and hybrids to resolve the agricultural challenges in Uganda and the rest of Africa.

Our aim is to work hand-in-hand with the local scientific community by investing in agricultural research under guidance from the National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO) Uganda and other regional institutes like NAADS, UN Charter in Agriculture etc. We also look forward to a productive association with NGOs to make available the best farming methods and inputs to the farmers of Uganda and the rest of Africa so we can create a dedicated farmers prosperity unit that renders swift access to technical help for all farmers. Any farmer can always access our research and technical expertise and learn modern farming techniques from us for free.

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